Branding 101

Branding 101

Understand your customers/target audience

Define your brand persona

Highlight your brand transparency

Create a strong, positive perception of an individual, company, municipality, public figure etc., its products, services or opinion’s in the customer’s mind.

Effective branding is achieved by combining many elements such as digital equity, logo & design, social media presence, mission statement and a consistent (Go green when possible) theme throughout all online and traditional marketing platforms.

To create a consistent brand so that your customers revel in your omni-channel presence, be sure to include consistent content, imagery and logos both online and in-store.

Construct your brand through positive imagery & visual assets, unique stories, local relationships, marketing campaigns and social media relationships.

Planning Phase: Getting a new website and branding possibilities

Goals: What are your goals? Ask yourself why you want a new website. Write a list of why’s. Do not use money as a why. Money should be a result of your Why’s. Are you trying to share your passion? Are you trying to raise awareness on a certain topic? Are you trying to gain brand recognition for your business for expansion? If you answer these why the purpose of your website will fall into place.

Keywords: What keywords would you want to rank well for in the search engines? This is important to ask yourself at the very beginning. Defining your keywords early will help in the direction and planning of your website. You can usually narrow down your keywords from analyzing your Why statements.

Define your budget: How much do you plan on spending on your project? Knowing your ideal budget will help us give you a variety of options.

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