Roof replacement Tacoma

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Roof replacement Tacoma – – Owens Corning Roofing System 130-MPH wind resistance limited warranty with 6-nail application and Owens Corning Starter Shingles in eaves and rakes. – Job Scope To remove existing shingles –  existing layer of shingles and tar paper and remove all debris. Remove damaged roof sheathing – To remove any damaged roof sheathing as needed. To replace/install roof sheathing – with 7/16 Square Edge OSB* Roof Decking Panel 4′ x 8′ as needed. *Oriented Strand Board (OSB) … Continue reading “Roof replacement Tacoma”

3818 E. K Street

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3818 E. K Street Kitchen remodel NEW KITCHEN DESIGN GIF – KITCHEN DESIGN GIF – NEW KITCHEN DESIGN VIDEO – – 2D Top view with enlarged bar/countertop – Top view with open doors – Top view counter top bar – Top view looking into window (washer & dryer closet will have bi-fold doors) – Top view counter top  Side view into master bedroom with open door fronts – Side view open doors washer n Dryer – Side view into bathroom … Continue reading “3818 E. K Street”


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#HelpSaveUsAll #HELPSAVEUSALL HelpSaveUsAll Our goal is to eliminate Animal Homelessness and puppy mills while reducing/eliminating pet store purchases with a “First Look Initiative” program. #HELPSAVEUSALL is going to be the first Animal or Government organization (currently NONE exist) to create an all encompassing Centralized Location of Data (CLD) for tabulating national statistics for the Animal Protection Movement. “Each year, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide—and approximately 1.5 million are euthanized. (That is almost 3 every minute) … Continue reading “#HelpSaveUsAll”

Screengrabs example from 2-18 thru 3-10

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Screengrabs example from 2-18 thru 3-10 for the following; Absolute Concrete Flooring Green Umbrella Systems ACI – – Absolute Concrete Flooring  screengrab from 2-18 thru 3-10 – – – – – – – – ACI – CONCRETE.ORG screengrab from 2-19 thru 3-10   – – ACI – CONCRETE.ORG SG 2-19 GLOBAL – 160,574 US – 96,287this is approx. 11% Global gain and 31% US gain in rankings in less than 30  days! – screengrab from 2-19 thru … Continue reading “Screengrabs example from 2-18 thru 3-10”