Who we are

Who we are

A revolutionary digital real estate network of talented individuals Worldwide. A Discreet team of professionals comprising of more than 50 consultants – nearly 10,000 research – development and information data professionals and 100+ corporate liaisons and consultants in more than 30 countries Worldwide.

Our Global network is designed to operate as one. We are many entities operating as a single global partnership united by a strong set of values, focused on client impact. Our network is family owned and takes a consistent approach to recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based ensuring that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.

We have no headquarters in the traditional sense for many reasons, (Efficiency – Security concerns – Corporate espionage, Mobility, Employee security) therefore, we are do not accept clients at will, because of the nature and success of our TRUSTED NETWORK, we choose our clients based upon suitability and long term sustainability within our current brands of trusted partnerships. Our clients and employees sign non-compete non-disclosure confidentiality agreements to maintain privacy.


Our vision of a meta-search network


  • We built (over last 5 years) the World’s first metasearch network encompassing Humankind’s hierarchy of needs while exposing Local Flavor – Cross Promotional opportunities that may not have existed prior.
  • Our Networks range from but not limited to: Airline, Hotel & Leisure, Automotive, Healthcare, Legal, Finance, Fast – Casual & Fine Dining, Real Estate, Sports, Apparel, Entertainment and more…
  • Our Networks appear in the Organic/Natural sections of all search engines worldwide including hundreds of thousands of key properties/terms that are Germane to industries desired.


  • We build brand trust by simply giving the end user what they want, WHEN THEY WANT IT, without landing page after landing page (just so every ad agency get’s credit! lol – but this current system is a joke compared to our Digital Real Estate Networks), just simple click and call or click shop options.


  • Like any good teacher will tell you, YOU CAN’T EDUCATE THEM until you have built their trust…
  • Educate them by inundating them with brands creative – positive campaigns daily.


  • Optimize Local business flavor and social trends offering local flare within your brands worldwide. i.e. offering local business’s with the opportunity to market with global leaders, will create additional revenue stream opportunities that may not have be been there prior.