Brand Stabilization and Destabilization

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Brand Stabilization and Destabilization Our perspective “We study the influence of external multiplicative and multiplicapacity links between the instability of the financial sector and GEO specific anticipatory intelligence multiplicative and multiplicapacity functioning algorithms. We believe the understanding of MFA’s will allow our team to further detail (creating a centralized location of data) humankind’s habitual patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion, uncovering links, trends and traits of human behavior.” ——————— Brand Stabilization and Destabilization Q & A What is Brand Stabilization?  The ability … Continue reading “Brand Stabilization and Destabilization”

Organic Topic Sway

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Understand – Anticipate – Digitally Dominate Competitors with their own campaigns. Organic Topic Sway – create mini-campaigns to control campaign dialect or what we call “Organic Topic Sway” (used in politics frequently, in fact, if you saw any ad for “Health Care Reform” in 2012 Presidential Election, most likely it was from one of our network’s focused on Political Digital Lobby-ism) to take advantage of current digital equity available. Non – Organic Topic Sway – create mini-campaigns using non organic … Continue reading “Organic Topic Sway”